Who are we?

Invest Crowdfund Canada (ICC) is made up national industry leaders who are volunteering to create legislative change to legalize investment crowdfunding and bring Canada forward in its support of growing start-ups.

If you would like to accelerate the legalization of Crowdfund Investing, we welcome the addition of your strength to our cause.

It will help us all, and it will benefit you when Crowdfund Investing becomes legal, by allowing you to position yourself as a pioneer supporter of this historical leadership movement.

We are creating tools to drive awareness, such as: advisory & coaching services, white papers, media releases, blogs, web sites, educational programs, research services, and events to advance of ICC’s advocacy campaign program.

We welcome your consideration to make a pledge and donation to support our leadership community crowdfund cause. Please JOIN US!

National Momentum Leaders

Provincial Momentum Leaders

Strategic Momentum Advisors

Note: We are currently recruiting at national level for experienced VP Secretary, VP Government Policy, VP Universities, VP Investment Banking, and VP Leaders for the remaining provinces. If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Andrew Weir at


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